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FAA 107 Prep Course and Advanced Flight Training


FAA 107 Prep Course

At Full Throttle Aerial, we don't just react to what is, we have designed our company to prepare for what will be. Our in-person education and training for certification under Part 107 is set to be among the best and most comprehensive offered in the industry. Our class is very in depth and our teaching modules are written by experienced professionals with an understanding that each individuals use of a UAS and need for training may be different. By assessing your initial skills, we can provide the proper amount of training for your success.

Topics Covered

Lesson 1 - Federal Aviation Regulations
Lesson 2 - National Air Space
Lesson 3 - Flight Restrictions
Lesson 4 - Navigation, Pre-Post Flight and Maintenance
Lesson 5 - Weather and Micrometeorology
Lesson 6 - Weight and Balance
Lesson 7 - Responding to Emergencies
Lesson 8 - Aeronautical Decision Making and Crew Resource Management
Lesson 9 - Airport Operations and Radio Communications
Lesson 10 - Physiological Effects of Drugs and Alcohol

107 Prep course cost - $259.00


Advanced Flight Training

Learn to fly your drone like a pro

Learning all of the ins-and-outs of legally flying a drone can be complex, confusing, and intimidating. Let our experts guide you through the process in our 2 day Advanced Flight Training course designed to walk you through everything you need to know. Learn everything from FAA rules and regulations to the various settings and features of your drone, and finish the day with our expert pilot as they take you outside for some hands on, one-on-one flight instruction. We will provide various models of UAS for the class.

Real world flight planning and execution

Course 1

 Real-World Airspace Scenarios

  • Airspace Classifications, Controlled Airspace, Uncontrolled Airspace, Prohibited and Restricted Areas, TFRs, LAANC Authorizations, AirMap


Course 2

 Real-World Weather Assessment

  • Forecast Sources, METARs, TAFs, Visibility, Clouds, Sky Condition, Precipitation, Wind, Temperature, Part 107 Requirements, Go/No-Go Decision Making


Course 3

 Site Assessment

  • Hazard Identification, Satellite Imagery, Flight Planning, Manmade Structures, Terrain Variations, Natural Obstructions, Low-Level Turbulence, Interference


Course 4

 Risk Assessment and Management

  • Risk Management, Hazard Identification, Historical Data, Risk Matrix, Likelihood of Risk, Severity of Risk, Risk Mitigation, Pilot Considerations, Customer Expectations


Course 5

 Equipment Care and Maintenance

  • Manufacturer Recommendations, Preflight Inspections, Post Flight Inspections, Flight Logs, Aircraft Logs, Patterns of Wear and Tear, Maintenance Protocols


Course 6

 Battery Care and Safety

  • Battery Types, Capacity, Specifications, Charge Cycle, Discharging, Maintenance, Damage, Disposal, Storage, Flight Regulations


Course 7

 Building Custom Checklists

  • Considerations, Customizations, Implementation, Flight Planning, Preflight, Crew Briefing, Flight Execution, Emergency Procedures, Post Flight, Maintenance


Course 8

 Emergency Procedures Response

  • Prevention, Emergency Responses, GPS Signal Loss, Datalink Interference, Compass Errors, Flyaways, Hardware and Software Failures, Battery Issues, Collisions


Course 9

 Overcoming Disorientation

  • Prevention, Disorientation Responses, Practice Maneuvers, Close Range Line of Sight, Medium/Long Range Line of Sight, First Person View


Course 10

 Understanding Aviation Communications

  • Types of Communications, CTAFs, Scanners, Transceivers, Standard Format, Common Conventions, Traffic Patterns, Aircraft Position


Course 11

 Visual Observer and Crew Best Practices

  • Part 107 Requirements, Roles, Responsibilities, Positioning, Crew Management, Crew Briefing, Communication Methods, Communication Procedures


Course 12

Hands on Flight Training

  • Various flight mission scenario training, How to stabilize the aircraft, Calibration of Compass and IMU, Maneuvering with precision

Bonus Material

After your in-person courses, receive  materials to  Starting a Drone Business course, Aerial Photography courseand Drones for Beginners course. Get expert instruction for Legal Considerations and Liabilities, Drone Insurance, How to Find Customers, Business Operations, and more!

In-Person Adavanced Flight Training Course Cost - $680



Bonus! Both Courses - $789

(Save $150)