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The new Full Throttle Aerial




The Full Throttle Aerial "Stealth" drone is the first of it's type in the UAS industry.


Stealth is the most versatile, multi-use aircraft there is in the world. Stealth supports multiple power options; along with multiple advanced payloads that are available on the market.


Power options that are available for Stealth is 6S (22 volt via 2-4 6S batteries in parallel to series), 12S (44 volt via 2-4 12S batteries in parallel), tethered, or gas over electric generation for long flight missions.

With 2 programmable BECs (power distribution), Stealth offers a very wide range of payload options from different cams, to multiple ISRs and radar systems; and also the GRSS plasma antenna for ground penetrating radar.




Aircraft weight w/o batteries: 15.67 lbs


Wheel base: 1400mm


Airframe Configuration: Hex (6 motor) w/DODECA option available (12 motors)


Payload capacity: up to 46 lbs


Flight time: 43 minutes w/28 lb payload (2 X 22000 40C 12S batteries)


Max Aircraft speed: 61 knots


Wind Sustainability: 60+ knots


Max Thrust: 318 lbs


IP Rating: IP54


Flight control: Pix Hawk Blue Cube, Collins Aerospace, or Embention


Flight and DATA Range: up to 60 km


Ground Station: Desert Rotor



100% Made in the USA




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