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The Titan SE

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Structure UAV: "X4 or X8" type
Wheelbase:  160cm
Open size:  202*202*202cm
Maximum take off weight:  68kg
Power voltage:  12s  (6s+6s) Series or 1-2 X 12s (of at least 40+C rating minimum)
Propeller:  Folding R3390
Motor/ESC: DJI E7000 Propulsion System
Arm diameter:  40mm
Frame Weight:  7.2kg
Flight times:  37 minutes w/2 X 22000Mah 6S Batteries (12S) @ 24kg AUW (Tested)
Flight Controller:  Piccolo, Cube 2.1
Weather Rating: IP66
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The FTA Titan SE UAV is fully customizable for different applications ranging from aerial cinematography/photography, SAR, mapping, industrial uses, and package deliveries.

The Titan comes in two different models:

Titan SE: X4 with 68 Kg max take off weight
Titan XL: X8 Dual boom with 136 Kg max take off weight

Search and Rescue Options


15 lb Rated Drop Box

15 lb Rated Drop Latch