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Rover OneX

“The ultimate heavy duty rover”

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Special Features


  • Power: 48V DC Brushless Motor    
  • Working temperature: -20~60 degress C    
  • Rated power: 880W*2    
  • Rated Torque: 82NM    
  • Running Speed: 0~1.6m/s    
  • Maximum Across obstacles: 200mm    
  • Maximum climbing: 45(Can climb stairs)    
  • Shock Absorber: Left and right independently 6 shock absorbers    
  • Remote Control distance: 400m in empty space    
  • Endurance: 2-3 hours operating time per charge  
  • Remote Control: Pixhawk Cube or Cloud Cap Tech  


  • Outer: 1020*730*440mm
  • Internal: 600*320*240mm    
  • Chassis Height: 140mm    
  • Tracks Width: 150mm    


  • Chassis : 96kg    
  • Payload capacity: 100kg


  • Wheel: Aluminum
  • Chassis Body: Steel
  • Tracks: Rubber
  • Surface treatment: part of spray paint  


  • Type: lithium battery
  • Capacity: 30AH
  • Voltage: 48V    

The Rover OneX can be configured in several different ways for search and rescue, inspections, etc.

Multiple cams, sensors, lights, robotic arm, and etc can mounted onto the Rover OneX chassis.


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