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Photo One

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Special Features

The Photo One is one of our most popular designs and is ideal for aerial photography, structural inspection, surveying, and other medium lift tasks where high levels of reliability and a clear sensor view are important. The co-axial  X8 configuration gives good performance in wind, and plenty of lift for carrying  medium to heavy  loads, whilst also offering very good redundancy against failure. The frame is tough and solid, and  includes a tool less quick fold mechanism for ease of transportation and storage. A well proven anti vibration system and standard payload mounting rails are available, as well as the option for wide spaced retractable landing gear giving plenty of room for a centrally mounted gimbals. The Photo One is built on the proven reliable and robust Vulcan airframe.

This is a fast and highly maneuverable aircraft, that offers great stability and good resistance to wind. The use of Z arms gives great 360 degree view for the camera without getting props in the shot, ideal for both aerial photography and structural inspection where a clear all round view from the camera is required.

The Photo One is now available in both X8 and Hex configurations.  As with all our airframes, the Photo One can be adapted or customized as appropriate for a range of applications and requirements.

Basic Frame Features:

  • Folding X8 frame with quick release tool less folding mechanism and safety latch
  • Ultra strong and stiff airframe for minimal vibration, built tough for real world use
  • Larger frame plates for mounting wide spaced retracts to allow centrally mounted gimbal
  • 250A PDB
  • Arris Lander X5 Retractable Landing Skids
  • Required wires and hardware
  • The Photo One is built on the proven reliable and robust Vulcan UAV airframe

Optional Extras


The Photo One is available in 6 different sizes and arm configurations.

Photo One Straight Arm

The MultiFrame arm is made from high grade black anodized custom box section Aluminium. It is pre drilled at 30mm intervals to allow fitment to any arm position within the frame center plate, as well as Carbon motor mounts. Being drilled down it's entire length also means that should you wish to use a different arm length, you can simply cut it down in 30mm intervals to create your own desired airframe diameter. The hole spacing also allows simple and quick mounting of the undercarriage legs, which can be positioned anywhere along the arm as preferred.

The Photo One are available in three different lengths:

350mm - Total frame size 950mm

440mm - Total frame size 1100mm

500mm - Total frame size 1260mm

Photo One Z Arm

The radical Photo Arm Z arm design offers unparalleled forward camera view, keeping arms and props out of the shot even with a forward facing camera during fast forward flight. You can even look up! Flight characteristics are fantastic, with great stability and handling.

The Photo One Z Arms are also available in three different lengths:                                                     

350mm - Total frame size 950mmmax coaxial prop size 16" 

490mm - Total frame size 1150mm -  max coaxial prop size 18.5"

600mm - Total frame size 1360mm -  max coaxial prop size 27.5"

NOTE - Red Z Arms are no longer available


Standard Anti Vibration Plate

Made from 2mm Carbon Fibre sheet, this gel mount adapter provides an ultra low vibration mounting method for a variety of payloads, gimbals and more.

The plate is designed to bolt straight up into the main lower frame plate and can be fitted with between four and twelve A1 Gel Bushes for different payloads. The position of the gel bushes can be moved to accommodate different payload balances. Gel bushes work best under load (300g - 600g per bush) and so by supporting the entire payload - gimbal, batteries and even in some cases the landing gear - they will work at their best giving excellent vibration damping.

Quick Release Anti Vibration Plate

Similar in dimensions and material to the standard 200mm gel plate, the quick release version allows the 12mm rails and anything attached to them to be quickly removed from the aircraft.


 The Photo One Day Bright LED system uses LED modules that fit between the motor mounts on Photo One airframe.

This option includes four modules with each module incorporating two super bright LEDs visible in daylight at up to 2000 feet.

There are two modules with green, and two with red LEDs for universal port (red - left) and starboard (green - right) orientation identification. Modules are supplied with an 800mm lead, modules also have a conformal coating allowing them to be fully rain resistant.

The controller unit has four individually controlled outputs, each capable of driving more than one LED module if required. Using the controller you can set 28 different flash patterns for your LEDs, and control them from your radio transmitter with a switch channel. The controller can be powered directly from up to 10s Lipo batteries (up to 42v). An RC voltage input with the control signal is also required from the radio Rx.


The KDE Direct 4014XF - 380Kv and the 4213XF - 360Kv multirotor brushless motors are extremely efficient and powerful motors used for numerous multirotor and UAS heavy-lift applications and were designed to bring high quality and vibration free motors to the market.  The motors are designed with performance and durability in mind, with features previously unseen in the market: 

  • High-grade 240C (464F) high-temperature solid core copper windings for failure free operation in extreme climates
  • Japanese built 0.2 mm silicon-steel stator laminations and Kevlar tie-wraps for high efficiency performance
  • Triple bearing supported ABEC-7 bearings for maintenance free and worry free flying for hundreds of hours

These are just a few of the advantages built in to these motors and every detail of these motors have been scrutinized to produce the absolute best available for a wide-range of flight applications.



 KDE's UAS series is compatible with 2S - 8S LiPo (8.4V to 33.6V) power systems, allowing for the next level of performance and efficiency for your UAS and Multirotor applications.

The series is specifically designed and optimized for the KDE Direct XF multirotor Brushless Motor Series. For maximum stability and performance of the flight controller, the system is tuned to react almost instantaneously to the flight commands and XF Brushless Motor response capability.

This KDE Direct XF UAS Multirotor Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) is optimized for multirotor applications and utilizes a proprietary algorithm for up to 600Hz refresh rate control and high speed response to the flight system commands.  Dynamic PWM and Motor Advance Timing algorithms are used for optimal flight performance.

For KDE 4041 Motors - 35A OPTO ESCs

For KDE 4213 Motors - 55A OPTO ESCs


KDE Direct Carbon Fiber Folding Props

KDE Direct carbon fiber propeller blades are made from true carbon fiber 3K materials and are now available for commercial and industrial applications. These Propellers are designed to fold away for ease of transport and storage.  All propellers are dynamically balanced and provided in matched pairs, so simply install the blades and go fly - no need for secondary balancing.

T-Motor Carbon Fiber Fixed Propellers

Aimed firmly at the professional flyer, these props are among the best on the market.  They come well balanced, are highly efficient, very light in weight and have almost zero flex.

Flight Controller

The aircraft is compatible the Piccolo, Cube 2.1

If you have any questions regarding the Photo One pricing or would like to discuss your project please do not hesitate to contact our Sales department.