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The Patrolman

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The main feature of the Patrolman is long flight time. With the payload of the Trillium HD25-LV gimbal mount, image transmission sensor and a 6S 11000mah Lipo battery, the flight time can reach 47-60 minutes. We are able to achieve the longer flight times by keeping the power to weight ratio below 50%. And you can use a bigger battery to get even longer flight times. More Over; quick start, easy disassembly, convenient to carry and stable flight at high speed is its feature. The application areas include public service, fire department monitoring, search and rescue, infrastructure inspections, etc.


Digonal Wheelbase: 750mm
Frame Height: 258mm
Main Propeller Length: 17”
Main propeller diameter: 6mm
Weight (without battery): about 3.5 lbs
Flight controller: Cube 2.1, Cloud Cap Nano

Special Features

1. The primary goal of the design is the long flight time. The Patrolman frame has exposed skeleton design. The Patrolman also comes with a high quality fiber glass canopy to protect the electronics from different weather conditions.

2. There is a power button on multi functional control panel, plug the battery, unlock the tact switch, the power is on. And you know the battery capacity according to the battery level indicator on the controller panel.

3. Easy to change the battery. The size of the battery frame is 180mm long and 65mm wide. A 6S 22.2V 10000amh to 15000mah battery (11000mah suggested) can be installed for use on the quad.

4. Quick fold able arm structure. Without any tool, the motor arm can fold through the knob design. All the arms fold to the back, decrease the volume of it.

5. Light, quick fold able landing gear, the design has been awarded intellectual property. The structure of the landing gear is easy, the weight is light; but has high durability.

6. T6 Aluminum alloy oval arms. The motor arm is of light weight, small wind resistance, so it can decrease the vibration effectively. The high speed 40A ESC matches the high strength damping motor mount perfectly. The motor mount also has a wind guide and heat dissipation design.

7. The T-Motor 4014 330Kv brush less motor and fold able propeller. After a long time of test and tuning, a powerful propulsion system comes out.  The propulsion system has high efficiency, excellent power to weight ratio, low temperature, weather resistance, and other features.

8. Intelligent power distribution system. It can distribute the power to motor, flight controller, gimbal, and image transmission systems and etc. When starting, there is security lock function to avoid the accident by mis operation. If the quad is not running in 30 minutes, and the current is less than 3 amps; it will power off automatically to avoid the lipo battery from over discharging.

Contact Sales for pricing and options

The Patrolman Command Center (Optional)

Product description:

The Patrolman UAV ground station system is applicable to high-end commercial and industrial unmanned aerial vehicle, and mobile control platforms used for beyond visual range (BVR) flight control design. Adopting intuitive, personalized interface design and real-time flight attitude feedback, the system allows the users to have sufficient understanding of flight state and equipment energy consumption, and experience BVR flight control by clicking the touch screen.

Configuration instructions:

Each piece of equipment of the Patrolman  ground station adopts highly integrated modular design and each electric component or device is designed with protective layer and installed as per industrial assembling requirements, giving extremely high safety and reliability. American original PELICAN safety protective box is used for the cabinet while the panel is designed with mortise-tenon work, offering certain rain-proof function.

Technical parameters of the Patrolman ground station:

1: Provided with 1 set of 15.6” industrial display and 2 sets of 8.4”  industrial high-brightness displays, visible under strong light.

2. Built-in computer consisting of Gigabyte  Intel 14nm  Celeron N31503; up to 2.08Ghz  Samsung 8Gb memory, Kingshare 120G SDD. MissionPlanner ground station software already installed in WIN10 operating system.

3: The panel adopts the integrated design, supporting 3-way high-definition output and 2-way high-definition input. Built-in high-definition acquisition box. Possible for input in 1920*1080 (60p) and video recording in 1920*1080 (30p) . External connection with 2T Mobile hard disk or 64G flash disk is possible.

4:Reserved the mount for 1080P HD image transmission and vehicular antenna mount; and a SMA antenna mount

5: Installation positions of high-definition image transmission and analog image transmission are reserved with built-in analog signal available for conversion into HDMI signal. Data transmission radio interface is also reserved available for 433MHZ 800MHZ  900MHZ 1.2G and 2.4G.

6: The system incorporates two vehicular antenna mounting bases, which may be used for image transmission and data transmission, effectively increasing the emission distance.

7: It visually shows such operating parameters as system voltage, current and power consumption. Also possible to set low-voltage alarm. 

8: The system may operate under 110v input or 12v vehicular power supply. It has a built-in 11.1v, 40AH high-capacity battery, allowing battery duration of 4-6hrs in outdoor environment. 

9: American original PELICAN safety protective box is adopted for the cabinet, featured by explosion-proof, waterproof and corrosion-proof characteristics.

Cams and Sensors

The Patrolman can utilize a wide array of cams and sensors (FLIR, RGB, Target locking, etc)

For Options and Pricing for the Patrolman UAV system, contact our Sales department