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Infrastructure Inspections


Full Throttle Aerial provides advanced, detailed, and cost-effective infrastructure inspection solutions using state-of-the-art technology and software. Hard-to-reach assets are viewed at close range, and in most cases, the job site remains fully operational to avoid inconvenience due to closure.
The infrastructure inspection data is easily uploaded to cloud storage, so that it is archived and accessible to all shareholders. Drones in civil engineering are the best alternative to traditional methods of infrastructure inspection, and never compromise information quality.


Drone Bridge Inspection Services & More

  • Monitor road and highway damage due to environmental impact and natural erosion.
  • Maintain bridges, tunnels and other critical infrastructure to help reduce the cost of on-demand maintenance, all the while while ensuring public safety.
  • Perform railway inspections frequently and efficiently to avoid damage and derailment.
  • View seaports, canals, and waterways in superior detail and accuracy.
  • Inspect and monitor conditions of water towers.
  • Inspections of reservoir dams to monitor deterioration.