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The Guardian

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The Guardian range covers an ever increasing number of variants aimed firmly at industrial and SAR applications, and cover flight weights up to 35 Kgs. The Guardian aircraft can vary in configuration but are most commonly X8 folding frames that are highly adaptable to different roles, flight characteristics and payloads. Common features are a number of quick release anti vibration mounts, quick detach fixed landing gear, custom gimbals and payload mounts, parachutes, proximity sensors and more.

As with all Guardian variants electronics are enclosed and protected against interference or damage, with air vents and fans installed as required. The airframe can be completely weather proofed to a IP66 rating; protecting the aircraft if you are caught out in a rain shower, dust storm, or snow. All Guardian frames can be easily and quickly folded for transportation using the well proven tool free cam lever and safety latch system.


Structure UAV: X8
Diagonal wheelbase: 1000mm
Aircraft weight: 4.7kg
Maximum Takeoff weight: 35kg
Flight time: 30 minutes at 20kg AUW (tested) or 42 minutes at 11kg AUW (tested) w/2X16000Mah
Flight control: Piccolo Nano, Cube 2.1
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