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FTA 900 Custom

The FTA 900 custom hexacopter is very suitable for a heavy lift platform. This stable platform can be modified to carry various larger cams and sensors. The quick disconnect and retractable automatically design enables fast easy assembly and breakdown.



Diagonal wheelbase: 900mm
Arm weight(including motors, ESCs, propellers): 750g
Center frame dimension: 255mm(L)x230mm(W)x60mm(H)
Center frame weight(including landing gear and bracket): 950g
Flight Configuration:
Take-off weight: 4Kg ~ 10Kg
Total weight of frame: 3.4Kg
Battery LiPo: 6S,10000mAh~20000mAh,minimum 15C
Maximum Watt: 3000W
Hovering Watt: 1500W @ 7Kg
Hovering time: 32 min 16000mAh @ 7Kg
Flight controller: Piccolo, Cube 2.1

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