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FTA 1100+

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If you liked the DJI S1000, you are going to love the new FTA1100+. The airframe is way more rugged than the DJI S1000 and has no plastic parts (boom connectors and motor mounts). And yes, this aircraft is not only larger than the DJI M600; but also more efficient.

The new Full Throttle Aerial FTA11000+ Octocopter is specifically designed for heavy lift operations, When combined with the Legacy for the Sony NEX 7 or A7iii you have the ultimate in an aerial photography platform.

A unique folding design increases portability and allows for a quick set up and pre-flight on the job site. The FTA1100+ can work with the Red Epic, Panasonic GH4, Black Magic Cinema Camera, Sony NEX 7/A7, Lidar, etc along with a Ronin MX or Gremsy gimbal.

Flight time:
Up to 27 Minutes with the Sony A7 using a 20,000 mAh battery (longer with dual battery) - Tested
Up to 19 Minutes with the Sony A7 using a 16,000 mAh battery (longer with dual battery) - Tested

Configuration: Octocopter
Take Off Weight: 6+Kg ~ 15Kg / 13.2+lbs ~ 33.06lbs
Aircraft Weight: 4.77Kg / 10.51lb (Approx)
Diagonal Width: 1145mm/45.07"
Motors: 8x 4114 400kv w/15” props or 8x 4215 465kv w/15.5” tri-prop
ESC: 40A Integrated or 55A non Integrated
Landing Gear: Retractable
Arms: Carbon Fiber Booms, Foldable
Plug Types: XT60 Electronics
Power Distribution Board: Octocopter Distribution 320A or 480A
Flight controoler: Piccolo, Cube 2.1


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